Finest Custom Drapery Treatments

Drapery Enterprises is a team player and our goal is to make our designers look good to their clients by providing high quality craftsmanship, design assistance, and in house installation services.

Elegant and Beautiful Handcrafted Drapery.

We offer free fabrication estimates as well as yardage requirements & design assistance.

For more difficult projects we are available for consultations in the shop or on the job site by appointment.

Our optional installation service boasts over 35 years experience.


Custom Quality

We work closely with our designer clients to create an aesthetic vision and design plan.

Our goal is to translate your envisioned designs into original statement pieces by utilizing our full-service production facility.







Our Story

Drapery Enterprises, Inc. first opened its doors in 1948 as a wholesale workroom. It had four different owners of the same family until Lois and Bill Laidlaw purchased it 10 years ago and then handed the reins over to their daughter.

When it comes to draperies, shades, pillows, and shams, there is no better place to go to than Drapery Enterprises. Our home remodel was filled with challenging needs and design ideas we wanted to implement. No matter what the project was, Drapery Enterprises worked with us to make it work, and brought with it the type of quality care and customized attention to detail that you rarely see anymore. I could not be happier with all of their work!

Caroline Westington

Small Business Owner