Exciting New Additions

Come see the new fabric samples from Kneedler-Fauchere which include Clarence House, Samuel and Sons, Nobilis and Hill Brown.

They are large samples. Some very contemporary geometric patterns and some ethnic designs which are really fun.

All are very colorful and would brighten up any room. You can use them in your projects for large or small splashes of color.

Samuel and Sons has beautiful co-coordinating trims to go with all the fabric samples which we are showing in our display.

Come see all of them and we will have memos sent to you to show your clients.

Blinds & Shades

As you know, we have accounts and samples of many vendors that we can order for you. We tend to feature the ones that are the best value, customer service and delivery time. We tend to favor Graber as our primary hard goods vendor for all the above reasons.

They also have the most extensive selection of blinds and shades including cordless shades, panel track and exterior solar shades. We have many samples in the show room and each item has a nice selection of materials to choose from.


Soft Romans

Some people call them Relaxed Romans, but either way, when your client requests that look, please be sure to tell them that they need hand dressing every time they are raised just so there are no surprises when they are installed and raised the first time.

It is also best to put an inverted pleat at the top to prevent "hourglassing" when the shade is down. These shades can be constructed with fullness at the bottom when they are down or can remain flat, but you need to specify your preference on the work order.

Poly Problem Solution

It is amazing how many looks we can get from this man made fiber. It can fool us into thinking it is silk, linen, cotton or wool. It is more reasonably priced than the natural fibers BUT it doesn't hang in nice folds for drapery and has a tendency to flare out at the bottom. We can correct this problem by adding memory stitching at the hemline which is an additional service. Consider the additional cost for this service when specifying Polyester fabrics for draperies.

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